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Documentation & Collaboration


Welcome to the documentation wiki for The National Association of Writers' Groups.

This is a place where various aspects of the association can be documented, away from the main website. It need not be limited to documentation; we can use it for all kinds of collaborative work as well.

At present, the wiki is primarily intended for use by the NAWG committee, other staff members and volunteer helpers. In the future, it could be extended to all writing group and individual members, should the need arise.

These pages are constantly evolving, so please check back here regularly. There's also a change list you can refer to.


This wiki might be an ideal place for staff to collaborate on projects.

Here are the currently active projects:

  • GDPR โ€“ General Data Protection Regulation. Moving towards compliance.
  • Website Migration โ€“ moving website(s) and associated services from TSOHost to their new home.
  • SEO โ€“ Search Engine Optimisation. Improving NAWG rankings in search results pages.


Please see the manuals page for full details.

Currently, there is an evolving website manual.


General information about NAWG can be found on the wiki, such as:

Other Ideas

There may be plenty of other aspects of NAWG that might benefit from a more centrally shared store of information. One that is easy and efficient to work on as a group, rather than email ping-pong. Here are a few thoughts.

  • Committee meeting agendas, minutes, reports and supporting documents.
  • Staff contact details.

If you have any ideas about material for this wiki, or how to improve things, then please contact me:

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