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Welcome to the projects home page. Here are lists of projects that are on the wiki.

Current Projects

GDPRRunningWhat will be needed for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation?
MigrationRunningMoving website(s) and their associated services from TSOHost to their new home.
Search Engine OptimisationHaltedImproving NAWG rankings in search results pages.
Comms reviewHaltedA reconsideration of the systems and processes we use for communications, particularly email. There are issues with the current arrangement.
Technical DevolutionCancelledSpreading technical responsibilities from a single individual to many people.

Potential Projects

  • Restricted areas for the website – currently a stalled development task, to provide things on the website that are limited to logged in users, such as: members-only areas, staff-only areas.
  • Web forms – create the ability for users to enter things directly via the website, without the need for email. Currently a stalled research & development task.
  • Other ideas here please…
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