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Search Engine Optimisation

This project concerns the rankings of the NAWG website in the search results pages of major internet search engines, such as Google. In particular, how to improve those rankings; a subject known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Note: Additional information can be found in task 42 and issue 33 on the main website.


In a nutshell, better search results will lead more visitors to the website, which could result in more of the following:

  • Groups and individuals joining NAWG.
  • People coming to the events we run.
  • People taking part in our writing competitions.
  • People buying our publications.


Much as we'd like SEO to be a “fix it once and then forget it” operation, this is far from the case. It's unlikely ever to be the case. Rules and techniques are always changing and we'll need to keep up with things.

Research will be a key part of the strategy, along with frequent re-evaluation of the situation.


As the project proceeds and development and testing is carried out, the results will be summarised here.

More details are available on the results page.


Here's a time line of the significant events for this project, listed in reverse chronological order.

20/Jul/2018Project halted.The main website is to be completely replaced, therefore further SEO improvements will have no lasting consequences.
08/Jun/2018Front page changes.Reduced the front page meta-description to 146 characters, as Google are now making these descriptions shorter in their results.
11/May/2018Reorganisation.Moved much of the information from issue 33 and task 42 to here on the wiki.
20/Mar/2018Site release 2.9.2.Fixed issue 37, where access to robots.txt and sitemap.xml was being blocked.
16/Feb/2018Site release 2.9.1.Increased the length of the front page meta description text, as Google now permits longer ones. More search key phrases should match the new text.
14/Nov/2017Improved NAWGFest page.Edited the excerpt, and therefore the meta-description, for the NAWGFest main page. The description now contains more potential search term keywords.
18/Oct/2017Site release 2.8.0.Added front page meta description text. XML sitemap submitted to Google.
09/Aug/2017Search console.Created a Google account for NAWG and connected our website to Google Search Console, in order to start analysing our searches.
22/Jul/2017Missing front page meta-description.Testing revealed that the front page has no description in the meta-data. This could have had a serious impact on SEO.
21/Jul/2017Task 42 created.To supplement issue 33.
21/Jun/2017Issue 33 created.This was based on anecdotal evidence from several users. It was brought to my attention by Vanessa.
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