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Website Migration


This project concerns the details of migrating the NAWG websites and their associated services such as email, from their previous host, TSOHost, to their new home on 1&1.

It was not envisaged that the operation would be difficult. However, there are many things to consider and many tasks to perform that might not be immediately obvious. One of the goals of this project is to make sure that nothing is overlooked.


There are a number of domains, websites, and services, that will need to be either:

  1. Migrated to the new hosting environment, or
  2. Retired from use and decommissioned.

The previous hosting environment was provided by TSOHost. The new environment is 1&1.

There's quite a bit to consider, so please read the following sections.


Important note: it was not possible to transfer domain names to Wix. There were no specific reasons given for this, but their website has some advice about this. 1&1 were chosen as an alternative host.

There were three domains associated with NAWG.

DomainActionDescription on new 1&1 host. Encompasses the live website. It also provides the domain part for the official email addresses.
nawg.netUnassigned.No longer part of NAWG. Available to be registered by anyone.
nawg.ukUnassigned.No longer part of NAWG. Available to be registered by anyone.


There are three website to consider.

WebsiteActionDescription to new host.The main website. Previously powered by WordPress and custom software. removed.Site for development, testing and staging purposes. for the documentation, discussion and collaboration over internal NAWG matters. Now resides at


The previous email service was provided by TSOHost and associated with the domain. Now this domain has been transferred to a new host, the service in its old form is no longer available.


There was a single mailbox (message store) under the address. The relays (see below) also fed messages into this mailbox.

If the messages are to be retained, then they'll need to be migrated to the new email system.


There were a number or email relays (message forwarders), which:

  • Forward messages to one or more recipients' personal addresses.
  • Forward messages to the NAWG mailbox.

Many of these relays had email addresses that are official NAWG ones. They are documented across multiple media, including:

  • The main website. See the old contact us page for details.
  • Printed publications such as Link magazine and festival brochures.
  • Electronic communications such as the newsletter and email messages.

For this reason, it would be disruptive, though not unfeasible, to change these email addresses.

In order to retain these addresses, arrangements must be made to provide them using the new host.

Other Services

There are a number of other services, listed below, that were associated with the IT set-up.

If any of them are to be retained, then appropriate action may be required, since the current provision will cease when the TSOHost environment is decommissioned.
DropboxUndecided.The dropbox is used to share documents, photos, videos and other files among staff members. A prime example of this is the membership database, maintained by Catherine, which can be used to derive Link distribution (Pam) and newsletter distribution (Henry). It's currently linked to the email address
Google Search ConsoleDecommissioned.This was used for analysing Google searches associated with the main website. It was set up as part of the SEO project. The account required logging in using the address. In order to function, it also required a DNS record to be present.
Scan my ServerDecommissioned.This was a free service that regularly checked the main website for security vulnerabilities. It was set up in the wake of the down time in November/December 2017. The account was associated with, which was used for logging in and to receive reports by email.
PayPalUndecided.The main account used for NAWG purposes, to date, has been Pam's personal one. This need not be changed, however, there's an additional login under This may need to be removed, or at least have a change of password, once the current web administrator has left.
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