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Technical Devolution (project cancelled)

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This project involves the devolution of some or all of the technical responsibilities, relating to the National Association of Writers' Groups.

The devolution is from a single individual: Kevin Machin, the principal author and organiser of the project, to many volunteers. It's envisaged that these recipients of the technical jobs need not have particular hi-tech skills, in order to do their work.

The original project name was “Technical Handover”, but this is misleading. It's a devolution of responsibilities, rather than a complete transfer. It will take some time to achieve and some of the more advanced technical aspects may be retained by the author, at least in the short to middle term.


In short:

  • The current technician, Kevin Machin, resigned from the committee in December 2017.
  • He also wishes to devolve some, or possibly all, of his technical, non-committee related responsibilities.
  • There's always a risk when work has to rely on a single individual, or particular individuals.

More details can be found in the project justification.


The technical responsibilities for NAWG currently involve quite a lot of work and a fairly wide range of activities. Details are given in the project scope. In brief, the list includes but is not limited to:

  • Maintaining and developing the website's content.
  • Maintaining and developing the website's technology.
  • Maintaining the email system.
  • Maintaining other communication and collaboration systems.

Time Scale

In general, there's no particular rush for things to happen, providing it's understood that technical activities may be delayed or postponed under the current situation. Details are given in the project time scale.

Who's Involved

Short term, see stakeholders for full details:

  • Kevin Machin – Project coordinator & current technician.
  • Some of the current committee members – involvements unclear as yet.
  • Additional volunteers – to be arranged.

Longer term:

  • Recruitment and job distribution will be needed. Details to be discussed.

What Needs Doing

Details to be discussed and documented here, but…

The two most obvious remedial actions for the under-staffing issue are:

  1. Recruitment.
    • Committee member(s).
    • Helpers.
  2. Redistribution of tasks.
    • Pam to pass on many duties, as agreed quite some time ago. Obviously, this has currently backfired, but I'm certain this needs to be done.
    • Kevin to pass on website content management. Before this can happen, barriers need to be worked on, which is what phase A of the project is about.
    • Kevin to devolve the technology management of the website. This is what phase B of the project is about.
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