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Communications Review


This project is a review of the systems and procedures we use for communication.

  • It's primarily focused on internal communication, but communication with our membership is also important.
  • It's main consideration is the email system and procedures, but other tools and processes need to be addressed.

The basis of the project is an original report, which will need to be reviewed and revised.

Email Activity

I've been keeping track of all of our email activity, so that we can monitor how much traffic we're handling. The data will be updated from time to time.

Ways Forward

The original report has highlighted some shortcomings with our current systems and methods. There are a number of ways we could deal with this, including:

  • Continue to make do with the current situation;
  • Adopt the push solution proposed in the original report, or something similar. This is the everyone gets all messages idea;
  • Adopt a pull solution, where staff regularly check for messages, rather than being bombarded with them;
  • Something we haven't thought of yet.

More details are given on the solutions page.

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