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Usage Statistics

Here are some usage statistics for the main website.

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  • The month with zero values (November 2015) is probably due to statistics not being recorded in that period.
  • Visitors (red and green) use the left hand scale.
  • Data usage (blue), often referred to as “bandwidth”, uses the right hand scale. The units are not known; they were marked only as “G” in the data provided by the hosting company, which could be gigabits or gigabytes per month.
  • The reason for the data usage spike in December 2016 is not known. As it does not tie in with a corresponding peak in visitors, I could speculate that it was due to FTP traffic.


Not a great deal can be concluded from the above chart, other than:

  • The trends do not seem to follow anything in particular, such as events or competitions.
  • The total number of visitor per month has not exceeded 50,000 so far.
  • Suggested maximum data usage capacity:
    • 100 “G” – allowing for unexplained peak in December 2016.
    • 50 “G” – ignoring peak but leaving room to grow.
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